Saturday, February 23, 2008

We're off to Mexico

On Thursday we fly to Mexico City and get picked up by a driver who will take us to our "villa" in Cuernavaca. Here are some links you can check out. If you look at the map, Cuernavaca is just a little bit south of Mexico City.

Here is a link to the villa we'll be staying at for 37 days. After that we do a "homestay" with a Mexican family for one week, and then we travel around the Yukatan before flying home on the 22nd of April.

We'll be studying in an intensive Spanish language program at the following school:

Hope to send updates soon from sunny and warm Cuernavaca...


Sabine Larsen said...

You guys are so lucky. Zack, you have an awesome mom. You guys enjoy and I want to hear all about your journey. Maybe we'll be knocking on your door at the Villa:).

Hisako said...

I feel the same way. I made lots of noise as I looked at the photos of the villa and then read about the intensive Spanish language class. What a wonderful trip this too is going to be!