Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kyoto and Himeji Castle

These are some photos from Kyoto and Himeji Castle. I brought two cameras along and today my flashcard self destructed and I lost all the photos on it. Luckily I had downloaded all but a dozen or so. I don't know what happened. I got an error message saying, "memory card error" (no kidding). Now I'm afraid to use that card and it was the biggest one I had for my little compact camera. Oh well. The picture of K's Hostel is where we stayed in Kyoto. What a fantastic place that was. It had everything you needed and it was so much fun chatting with all the other travelers. Europeans sure do get around and travel and they all speak English along with other languages. Amazing. Then one of the photos is of Kyoto Train Station. It is the biggest station I've ever seen. It was built using about one dozen different kinds of granite. I even saw the granite we used in our kitchen. Underground is a massive sprawl of shops, restaurants, and arcades. And the subway line also hooks up with the train stations and goes pretty much all around Kyoto. Then you've got the extensive bus network. I couldn't imagine driving a car here - that is extremely chaotic. The other photos are from the castle we visited. We're in Tokyo now and are getting ready to go out to find some dinner. Until next time, Linnea

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