Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hi again from Kyoto

Today we took the bullet train to Himeji Castle near Kobe. The train got us there in about 45 minutes. The trains are just awesome here. They are clean, comfortable, very fast and easy to figure out. Every station has an info booth with employees more than willing to help you find the right train on the right track. The Nozomi is the fastest of all the bullet trains. We are not allowed to ride on it with our railpass, but the "normal" bullet trains are quite sufficient and we can make seat reservations for free. Zach and are are really amazed at how clean things are here. We haven't seen any graffiti yet. There is next to no garbage lying around on the sidewalks or blowing around in the streets. The bathrooms are spotless. I'm getting my exercise squatting and getting back up every time I have to use the squat toilets. Definitely works those thigh muscles. Zach likes the heated toilet seats we have in the hostel. He also tried the"spray and clean butt hole" button and was laughing hysterically through the whole ordeal. I haven't gotten up the courage yet to try it! I'm afraid I might miss and make a complete mess! Ok. We have to rearrange out packs tonight and tomorrow we catch the 11:35 train from Tokyo. Until next time, Linnea

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