Wednesday, February 6, 2008


One of our first days in Tokyo was spent walking around Asakusa and visiting the famous Asakusa Kannon Temple and Asakusa Shrine. The weather was nice, and there were quite a few people there. This is, however, one of Tokyo's must-see spots. I can only imagine how crowded it can get during the holidays and vacation periods. Here are a few shots from the places we visited. Kaminarimon Gate. That's the entry way to the street that leads to the temple. It's lined with souvenir shops. I think I've included some shots of the shops, one selling kimono slippers and the other just general stuff that tourists like to buy. But since we're traveling light, no souvenirs - sorry (if you thought you'd be getting one from us!) In fact, Zachary, taking after his father, has absolutely no interest in even going into the shops and looking around. At least when I travel with my friend Hollis (who has a strong affinity for such places), I can indulge my curiosity without feeling guilty. Now all I get is a quick glance as I'm quickly walking passed. Sigh. Well, I guess you can say that Zach is saving me a lot of money. All that kitsch can add up!The photo of the two men I took was as they were approaching various stores and chanting and blowing into their horns. Maybe they were welcoming new vendors???? The shot with the huge lantern is the entry way into the temple and the shot with the people around the smokey area shows how you're supposed to breathe in the smoke, which has supposed healing powers. Zach, being asthmatic, stayed clear!Then we walked over to the shrine and there was another wedding going on. You can see the bride being escorted under the umbrella. Zach at this point is getting a little templed out. It's a good thing we're leaving town tomorrow.

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