Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tokyo Accommodations

Thought I'd give you a look at our lovely accommodations in Tokyo. We booked our hotel, which is a five minute walk from Ueno Station, for a mere 107 dollars per night. That includes breakfast though. Attached are some photos of the place. the outside of the building is quite presentable and we really like how they tried to match the interior wall color to the outside color. I've never been in a hotel with cranberry red/pink corridor walls before! Our room is very spacious, as you can see; we do have to be careful at night, though, not to stumble over our bags on the way to the toilet. And the view out our window is oh so Tokyo! The bathroom is a plastic modular unit which makes it very easy for the maids to clean: they just hose it down. Zach's favorite part is the breakfast and the desk with free internet hook up. So that's what $107 a day gets you in Tokyo!It's snowing today (Sunday), so we're going to go out to Meiji Shrine and see if we can find some of those crazy dressed up Harajuku girls. Until next time, Linnea

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