Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jeanne, where are you?

Jeanne B. Lombardo, where are you? You should be here with us in Beppu. The city and the onsen miss you. Your spirit is alive and well here, and there are many friends who have fond memories of you. I saw Samurai and his wife, and I told them that you think of them and that you send them your best wishes. They remember you fondly. We, the old Daigaku party gang  - Sato sensei, Toshimitsu sensei, Michikosan and Tomokosan - went to Karaoke, but it would have been more fun if you had been there with us. I walked around the university compound, and the old faculty apartment building is no longer there. It was torn down to make room for a new building. Progress. Anyway, here are some photos for you. Thinking about you in Beppu....

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