Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hiroshima Peace Park

After we got back from Miyajima, we hopped on one of the street cars that rolls through the city and got off at Hiroshima's Peace Park. Hiroshima is known as the "peace" city and they do a lot to promote peace, not just in Japan but world wide. I think it's a very progressive city in that respect. The park includes the A bomb dome as well as numerous memorials and a fabulous museum (that only cost 50 cents to get into) about what life was like after the bomb was dropped. We saw many moving exhibits. They didn't spare anything. The had very graphic displays of the horrible aftereffects people suffered from. There is also a section on nuclear warfare and proliferation. Apparently every time a nuclear test happens somewhere in the world (mostly by the US), the mayor of Hiroshima writes a letter to the president of the country (usually USA, France, China, Great Britain, or India) and protests the test. The museum has a copy of every letter ever written (and there were hundreds and hundreds). Each letter is specific to that particular test and calls for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Anyway, the museum was very interesting and it should be required viewing for everyone. So here are some shots from the park.

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JIYEAN said...

I didn't know this is your Blog~!
You are good at taking pics.
I really want to visit Japan when I go back to Korea. I lived in Busan, it takes only few hours from Busan to Japan. Very nice Blog~! Thank you for introducing lots of information.