Saturday, September 24, 2011

Port Costa, CA

Port Costa, founded in 1879 as the landing for the railroad ferries Solano and Contra Costa, was once one of the busiest wheat shipping ports in the nation and a thriving waterfront community.

Today it's a sleepy enclave of 190 residents, but on the weekends that number swells as visitors, especially bikers, brave the twisting, narrow country roads to get to this quirky town nestled between rolling hills and the Carquinez Strait.

Here's the beginning of the narrows much more as it approaches Port Costa...


Walking through the small commercial district is like taking a stroll back in time. You'll see colorful vintage buildings, touches of artistry, and remnants of the glory days...

If you're in the mood for an ice cold beer after strolling around Port Costa's "downtown", be sure to stop in at the rustic Warehouse Cafe where you can choose from a large selection of brews and admire the giant stuffed polar bear that keeps a watchful eye over patrons.