Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hi from Kyoto

January 26, 2008
We made it after a very bumpy and turbulent flight. They even had to suspend meal service for a few hours 'cause it was so crazy. But I kept looking back at the flight attendants strapped in their seats and they didn't seem too concerned, so I figured it was normal flying behavior. Then when things calmed down, I asked one of the attendants if that was pretty typical, and he said, "Oh no, that was one of the roughest rides I've had, but at least the overhead bolts didn't start popping out." So much for making me feel confident! It really felt like we were on a horrible roller coaster ride that wouldn't end. We're in Kyoto now at a really cool hostel full of world travelers. Zach is having fun hanging out with them at night while they consume beers and tell travel stories. No beer for Zach though, but I've been gladly joining in with them! The weather is cool and overcast. We had one day of rain, but today the sun came out every now and then and warmed and brightened things up. The Japanese are sooo polite. It's amazing how friendly and how they will go out of their way to help you and give you assistance - even if you don't need it. Anyway, we have cable TV in our tiny room with bunkbeds, but there's a big lounge area upstairs with wifi where we hang out. Zach is starting to do his homework. He's worked on math so far. He'll catch up! Hee, hee. Ok, until later. We're headed by bullet train to Tokyo on Friday. More to come.

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