Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guerneville, CA

Guerneville is a small town with a charming bohemian atmosphere. It's nestled along the Russian River and has wonderful views of the densely forested coastal mountain range. It's a tiny place filled with colorful shops, eateries, and motels. There are also numerous cabins right alongside the river for rent. And there's plenty to keep any outdoor enthusiast occupied. We came here to go to Lester Chambers & the Mud Stompers' CD release party and concert at the old River Theater. What fun that was! Anyway, before and after the music, I was able to check out some of the local flavor...

I can see why this area became such a popular vacation destination for wealthy San Franciscans back in the late 19th century. I'll have to come back too - especially during the warmer summer months - so that I can splash around in the Russian River and enjoy the towering redwoods.

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Photo Cache said...

I like Guernville, stopped by there sometimes for coffee and pastries. But I like it better looking at your photos.