Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roche Harbor, WA

Welcome to Roche Harbor Resort and Marina, the jewel of San Juan Island. On a recent boating adventure, we docked our little Whaler there for an afternoon visit just a few days before the big 4th of July holiday. Things were really jumping there. Supposedly this is THE place to be for the annual Independence Day celebration. The harbor was filled with yachts from all over the western U.S. and Canada. Many of these vessels had tenders bigger than our little Whaler. In fact, I think we were one of the smallest boats in town, but that's usually the case up here in the San Juans! It was fun to stroll around and take in Roche Harbor's old-world charm...

Did you know that in 2011 the New York Times voted Roche Harbor the #2 place to visit in the world? Whew - Now I can say I've been there!


Photo Cache said...

Is this the same list that voted Oakland in the #5 spot?

This looks very charming.

Lin Floyd said...

I've been there too, it's beautiful. Love the sea probably cause I live inland in So. Utah.