Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cashmere, WA

Our final destination along US Highway 2 was an interesting town called Cashmere. It's only about 12 miles down the road from charming Leavenworth and well worth a quick visit. The striking feature about this place is the covered sidewalks and walkways. No wonder - you need plenty of shade in the summertime to protect yourself from the sweltering heat. As you can see, it was 98 degrees when we got there - and that was in the late afternoon. One interesting fact about this place is that Cashmere is acknowledged as the geographic center of the State of Washington. How cool is that?

Cashmere is also home to the Cottage Avenue Historical District, a quaint neighborhood of beautifully restored craftsman-style homes. I love visiting small towns in America. They really give you a sense of what it's like to live outside of urban areas and to see what remains of our colorful past.

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