Sunday, April 11, 2010

La Conner, WA

La Conner, Skagit County's oldest community, is situated on the delta near the mouth of the Skagit River. It was founded in the 1860's and is now home to fishermen, farmers, artists, carpenters, shopkeepers, and retirees. It's a popular getaway for daytrippers, especially during the warmer summer months. Everytime I come up to Anacortes, I usually make the short trek to pay it a visit. Last time I was here, I wasn't very successful at taking photos as I fell and smashed my camera into the ground thereby rendering it - the camera - useless. This time I went back and spent a cold, gray afternoon walking around the streets and photographed its colorful architecture, picturesque setting and variety of waterfront galleries, restaurants and pubs, antique shops, boutiques, and inns...

La Conner is only about a half hour drive from Anacortes and has easy access to Interstate 5 as well as the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Click HERE to find out more about this special little town in northwest Washington.

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Mary said...

Wonderful photos! I will have to pass this link on to my sister and daughter :-) I love the La Conner Quilt Museum....hope you went to an exhibit while there. You really captured a lot of neat stuff. I love the header of the tulips. We have never been there for the right time for seeing them.