Monday, December 28, 2009

University of Oregon

Our holiday road trip took F, Z and me northward to the quaint town of Eugene, Oregon, where we decided to tour the beautiful campus of the University of Oregon. Since Z got accepted there, we thought we should at least check it out to see what he thinks. We were all favorably impressed. Although the skies were dreary and gray, the temps bitterly cold, and the campus virtually deserted because of winter break, we bundled up, found a map, and roamed around the gorgeous campus. We were awestruck at every turn we took. It's not a huge campus, but it definitely has that "classic" campus feel. It's well laid out and very accessible. The old brick buildings surrounded by expansive greenery give off an air of stateliness yet it seems to have that laid back, relaxed atmosphere so commonly found on west coast campuses.

As we walked around, we saw the historic Hayward field, brand new dorms, massive libraries, an art museum, and the impressive new business building. There's even a pioneer cemetery in one corner of the campus. The new buildings blend in very well with the older architecture. We crossed paths with a few students on bicycles and on foot; they all seemed happy and friendly. I think that if I had to go back to college again, I'd definitely consider this wonderful campus. I can only imagine how full of life it must be once all the students and activities are back to normal. Even in the dead of winter with the leafless trees, the immaculately groomed, park-like grounds are breathtaking, so it must be much more spectacular during the colorful autumn months or in the warm springtime.

Welcome to the University of Oregon...

Go Ducks!

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