Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn Colors in the Backyard

The colors of autumn are thriving in my backyard right now...come take a peek...


wild said...

Fantastic Pictures, very nice colors! Kiss from Portugal

Hisako said...

What charming places they are! I imagined walking through the pumpkin patch being basked in the early morning sunshine and coming home to enjoy more autumn colors. How beautiful all those autumn colors are! I also enjoyed the photos of Ardenwood Park, which I have heard about but never visited.

The picture of your blog profile reminded me of someone or something... I think it's the statue of a girl in Hiroshima! I remember seeing it on your blog earlier this year.

I love the opening photos of your blog that change with seasons and themes. You are an artist with such nice taste.

Thank you for refreshing us with all those wonderful photos.