Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Who doesn't love lighthouses? They not only help guide ships and save lives, but they also are extremely picturesque and so much fun to photograph. Did you know that Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state? I guess its proximity to all those Great Lakes has helped it attain that title! 

Michigan has been on my bucket list of states that I want to visit, so I planned a last-minute trip to the area with the idea of driving all around the shore of Lake Michigan. As I was reading up on the state and the lakes and trying to plan out our route, I was pleased to learn about all those wonderful lighthouses that we could encounter. 

The trip is over and it was a big success. I am so impressed with this part of our country. The scenery was lovely, the small beach towns so clean and quaint, and the locals very friendly. The weather and lighthouses did not disappoint either. I couldn't visit all the lighthouses of course, but I squeezed in as many as my traveling companion could endure.  Each one had its own unique atmosphere and flavor. My favorite was the one we discovered at St. Joseph's pier. Take a look for yourself; do you see one that you like?  

St. Joseph Pier
 Holland - AKA "Big Red"
 Grand Haven South Pier
 Ludington North Breakwater
 Grand Traverse
 Old Mission
Round Island Lighthouse
Round Island Passage Light
 Whitefish Bay
 Marquette Harbor
Somewhere in Wisconsin
Chicago Harbor Light, IL

Do you recognize any of these? Do you have a favorite lighthouse that you've photographed? I would love to return to Michigan - it's such a beautiful and terrific area to explore. More blog posts about my road trip are on their way...


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Okay, you peaked my interest. That would be a good road trip - touring the Great Lakes coastline. But I have two other trips lined up ahead of that one. Thanks for the idea.

Photo Cache said...

wow, i didn't know this about michigan. although i would have guessed with the lake and all. you had a wonderful trip.

Dave Wenning said...

Very cool. I lived in Iowa 9 years. Saw a lot of Wisconsin and Minnesota, but never got to Michigan.