Friday, October 1, 2010

Boston Revisited

I came upon a few more shots that Z had sent me via his cell phone and realized that I had neglected to post them with the others. So, take a look at some more lovely views of Boston...

Maybe Z will end up back in Boston for college...Wouldn't that be fun!


Kay L. Davies said...

That cell phone takes better pictures than my camera does, Linnea. I want one of those!! Dual-purpose weight would be good for the old unfittie here.
Boston is such a beautiful city, although the street musicians immediately made me think of Barcelona, perhaps because of the lovely old building in the background.
You don't seem to have posted these pictures for Skywatch Friday, but that's what today is, and they're perfect, speaking of dual purpose. Thanks for sharing them.
-- K

Photo Cache said...

I do notice that cell phones are taking better quality photographs these days.

I like this city a lot - I sure hope I get to visit it someday.